Crediting for Cash Offer/App

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InboxPounds Members can download apps from the App Menu that is both quick and easy to do!

Go to the Menu (Upper left corner) and select Apps which will route you to the App Channel page.

From there you can select from a variety of apps available.  Be sure to follow all instructions for the app as it may require interaction or registration after the app has downloaded to your device for app crediting to occur.

Since the mobile Apps are provided, verified and credited by the Apps Provider directly, if you have not received credit for an App download, is not notified as to the reason why. However, below are some common reasons that may prevent eligibility for credit:

  • If you've already downloaded/installed the App on any device in the past
  • If someone else previously downloaded/installed the App on the same device, using the same account or from the same location
  • If you did not fully complete all of the requirements for the App (Examples: Signing in, making a purchase, etc.)
  • If the App Provider determines that inaccurate information was used to complete the requirements (Examples: If the name, address, etc. that you use are not yours)

It's also important to remember that Cash Apps need to be completed beginning to end through the Apps Channel. This means you're not eligible for credit if you download an App but wait until later to complete the requirements or if you have downloaded the App on any other device using the same computer IP or registration information.

APP crediting is generally issued 7-10 business days from the date the requirement was met. 

Unfortunately, all crediting must come from the Apps Provider, not so if you have not yet received a credit means the credit was not yet authorized or approved by the advertiser. 

InboxPounds is independent of any and all cash apps on the site and all crediting when authorized will be issued when received. 




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