My earnings did not increase after confirming a PaidEmail®

Jamie -

If your Current Earnings do not change when you confirm a PaidEmail®, it is probably because you are viewing your Current Earnings in the wrong place.

Were you viewing the "Display"in the upper-right corner of our Homepage, or within one of our PaidEmails?  If so, that is why. 

These are all Current Earnings Displays

There is a convenient, easy to spot place where you can view your total, meant to allow you to see your total at-a-glance.  However, they take time to update, so they may not always be up-to-the-moment (real-time).

NOTE: Just refresh your browser and your earnings tab should show the increase.

To see increases in your Current Earnings right away, you need to visit your Current Earnings Page.  You can do this by clicking on one of the Displays, or using the appropriate link under "My Account" or the earnings tab.

You can also see the most recent earnings (last 5 most current) in your Earnings view.

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