How do I ensure cheque processing & delivery?

Jenni -

In order to receive your cheque payment on time your account must remain active. To remain active, and eligible to receive a cheque, you must continue to participate in our site. Failing to do so could result in your account becoming inactive. 

If you do not visit your account while logged in or confirm a PaidEmail® at least once in the 10 days before your payment is set to process, your account is considered inactive, and your payment request is removed. 

Your earnings are not affected, however, you will need to request your payment again.

When payments are processed at the beginning of each month, cheques are sent only to members with an active account.

Note: Make SURE the address is listed correctly on your member account at the time of processing to also help in the delivery of your payment.  Incorrect addresses resulting in payment re-issue will delay your payment delivery.

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