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To request payment, click the "My Account" tab and then select “Request Payment”.





This button will only appear if your account balance is greater than the minimum amount required, which is £20.00.

Your account balance will remain the same until your Cheque payment is processed. After your payment has been processed, the earnings associated with that payment will be removed from your "current" earnings, however can be viewed under your "Payment History".

As stated, payment processing is automated cannot be reversed under any circumstances.

Members can request the following options for Payment:

  1. Cheque
  2. Prepaid MasterCard (Mailed or Virtual)
  3. Merchant Gift Card

Cheque payments are processed 9-16 days after your request, on Wednesdays each week.  After submitting your first cheque request, it takes 9-16 days to cycle through the verification process before the cheque can be issued.  A cheque needs to be requested by Monday, 5:59 a.m. GMT in order to process in 9 days.

If a Wednesday falls on a U.S. national holiday, payments are issued on the next working business day.

For Gold Members, payments are processed weekly. To find out more about becoming a Gold Member, visit the "What are the benefits of being a Gold Member?" article.

Cheques are mailed through Downstream Access (within UK) and Royal Air Mail (all other countries). Please allow up to two weeks for your cheque to arrive and for any request for replacement cheque to be issued that is less than 30 days will result in a £10.00 fee. 

Delivery time depends on many factors, including your geographic location, seasonal increases in mail volume, and totally dependent upon the delivery service.]

When requesting a Prepaid MasterCard or card a redemption link and code is emailed to you the same day the payment is processed by InboxPounds.

Be sure to add as the payment emails for the MasterCard and Amazon cards are sent via that email address. 

If you have not received your cheque, click on "My Account" and "My Profile" and scroll down to "Payment History" to ensure your cheque was processed.  If so, please allow delivery time from local delivery service, and/or check with them to ensure your mail is being delivered.

Any incorrect address or mailing information can cause a payment delay and a fee of £10.00 to be charged to your account for processing a replacement cheque.

We can only re-issue a cheque 1) if 30 days have passed since we issued it, or 2) if the cheque is returned to us, or 3) for a fee of £10.00 to cover a Stop Payment.

If a member selects a payment we cannot reverse that payment request for any reason as our system is automated.  Once funds (earnings) are sent to MasterCard or we are not able to reverse this process.

Link to Request Payment:

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